Refund and Cancellation


Dubai Grand International School reserves the right to cancel the admission/registration of the student during the admission process. Once the student admission process is completed, no refund of fees to the student would be entertained.


If the parent chooses to withdraw the admission of the student from the Institute for any reason whatsoever, no refund of the amount paid would be given back.


Regular attendance is important for students to be successful learners. When a student is absent, they miss out on the sequence of instruction and must spend extra time catching up with their classmates upon returning to Institute.

Students are required to attend Institute and classes on time each day. Punctuality is a measure of responsibility and it is important that all students learn the value of being punctual.

There is nothing-called half day or early leave. Once the student has come to Institute, Parents are discouraged to a take the student during Institute hours. Only in case of a medical basis, the child will be permitted to leave early that too accompanied by a parent or any Institute Staff member after seeking proper permission from the Institute head or any Person deputed by Institute head.

Excused Absences: Justification for absence is very limited. Absences will be excused only for health reasons. Attendance and tardiness are monitored closely throughout the year. Parents are informed about student’s attendance regularly and warning/notices are issued if the attendance falls below the required percentage so that parents take cognizance of the matter.

Students absent for more than a month without prior leave sanction are liable to get their names struck off from the Institute. Readmission would be considered as a fresh admission after completing all the formalities and payment of fees.


Students must be responsible for the cleanliness of the Institute.

Particular attention, starting at the youngest age, must be given to respect Institute furniture, property and supplies left at the disposal of students. Damage done intentionally to the grounds/furniture or due to the improper use of equipment will warrant disciplinary action.Students must keep track of their belongings (books, clothes, lunch boxes, etc., and not let them lie around in the hallways.

It is the responsibility of every student in the Institute to ensure that the Institute is free from litter. Students are also encouraged to take the responsibility for litter in their immediate vicinity and place any litter in the bins placed around the Institute.